Engineering - Machine - Welding - Carpentary


At Ambalika, we lay great emphasis on workshops because they provide students with practical experience and hands-on learning, enhance technical skills such as programming, coding and troubleshooting, promote collaboration and teamwork and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

Therefore, the College has a very spacious workshop. It also serves as a production center.

Engineering Workshop

Machine shop
Fitting Shop
Carpentry Shop
Mechanical Lab
Welding Shop

Machinery Workshop

Lathe Machine
Planer & Shaper
Radial Drill Machine
Surface Grinder Power
Drill Machine Hacksaw
Capstan & turret lathe

Welding Workshop

Arc Welding machine
Gas welding machine
Butt spot machine
Seam welding machine
Tig-Mig Welding machine

Carpentry Workshop

Woodworking machine

We are hopeful that the engineers graduating from AIMT will play a leading role in future’s major projects. With India becoming more and more modernized and the globe shrinking virtually every second, we are confident that AIMT engineers will make a respectable & remarkable impression both at the national as well as the international level respectively.